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Corporate Social Responsibility

ESG Policies: Social

Social policies: employees, customers, suppliers, communities

The "S" factor in the ESG criteria for assessing corporate sustainability includes people management, gender policies, the protection of human rights, labor standards and, in general, responsibility towards stakeholders throughout the value chain, from suppliers to partners and customers.

Moreover, social responsibility must also extend to the region in which the company operates and exerts its influence and, in general, to the world outside the company: the community, civil society, associations, culture, schools, the arts and sports.
These points have always been important for our Company and have been reinforced by the recent establishment of the CSR department, which structures and extends the commitment of the entire Group to sustainability issues.

We are characterized by an open, dynamic, and flexible work environment that promotes the integration and professional and personal growth of all its employees, combats all forms of discrimination (gender, race, age, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation...), and actively promotes diversity and inclusion, striving for the achievement of Goal No. 5 of the UN Agenda 2030.
This environment allows room for creativity and individual initiative and guarantees the health, safety, well-being and stability of its people through measures that promote work-life balance. 
This is a concrete and structured company commitment, evidenced by its careful human resources policies, the 15,000 person-days of training provided each year, its Occupational Health and Safety Policy and ISO 45001 Management System, its membership in Valore D and its commitment to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, and the start of the SA8000 Ethical Certification process.

In partnership with our customers, we work to develop sustainable products and services, guaranteeing safety and compliance with current regulations and the highest quality standards. We aim for maximum customer satisfaction, responding to their needs in accordance with sustainability criteria, and by promoting and expanding communication channels that allow for a constant dialogue and the continuous improvement of the services we offer.

With our suppliers, we have embarked on a path to integrate responsibility and sustainability by sharing our Code of Ethics and respect for human and labor rights, in accordance with the provisions of the Social Accountability ethics certification.

Also among our priority goals is our commitment to the community.
Over time, we have identified a number of areas of intervention in the social sphere, which reflect our history or our areas of application: digital education, the fight against cyberbullying, the promotion of STEM subjects - particularly for girls - support for research, attention to the circular economy, support for entrepreneurship, solidarity towards the least favored (prisoners, the marginalized, women victims of violence).

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