eventi | Milan, June 23 2017

Industry 4.0: the great opportunity for Italy

Engineering is partner of the Industry 4.0 Observatory, whose results were presented on June 23 at the Auditorium of Assolombarda in Milan.

The initiative of the Politecnico di Milano aims to provide clear interpretative models of the current phenomena, even more in this historical phase following the publication by the Government of the National Industry Plan 4.0.

There are many aspects analyzed within the Research. For instance, the applications spread and the value of the 4.0 market in Italy, the identification of existing and / or emerging skills and professional figures, standard analysis, architectures and approaches to 4.0 interoperability , the impact of National Industry Plan 4.0 and the prospects for open innovation of 4.0 startups.

Its results were discussed by Alberto Costanzo, Automation and Control Competence Center Director, at the roundtable with other industry players and with relevant representatives of the industrial and academic researchers.