Engineering in 30 years. From an Italian firm to an IT multinational company.

Sergio de Vio | Guerini e Associati | 2010

In an Italy that is celebrating 150 years of national unity and its own identity, the companies that also manifest the nation's true spirit also deserve a mention.

Engineering Ingegneria Informatica story is of an Italian firm, founded in Padua 30 years ago, which has now become the leading Italian group of IT services and software.

The company has been described as a "pocket-sized multinational", if compared to the overseas Information and Communication Technology giants. However, behind this oxymoron, there is the true-life story of a firm that took up the Olivetti-style challenge of having an IT industry with Italian heart and brains, and multinational arms and legs. A project which swam against the current in Italy, that of so many crushed dreams, of the "brain drain", of conflicts of interest between industry and finance, between managers and shareholders, between workers and workers. Engineering enters "the new century of Italian IT" and in this book tells its thirty-year story, using the voice of the owners and analysts of the past, present and future of Italian IT.

The biography of a company that researches the human and professional reasons behind a modus operandi that is the origin and drive behind the success of Engineering, the largest Italian software company with fully private capital, which has managed to become a permanent, deep-rooted presence in Italy and to win over the trust of overseas markets.

Created from the dreams and experience of two businessmen who converted their own ideas and ways into an enterprise strategy.