A diversified organizational model for geographic and business areas

All the subsidiaries share the system of competences and operational synergies in their approach to each market with the parent company.


Engineering operates through companies that are specialized by business segments.

Engineering D.HUB, reference point for application and infrastructural outsourcing services, thanks to the union between state-of-the-art technological standards and thorough knowledge of business processes.

MHT, leading company in ERP and CRM management systems, a Microsoft Partner with Gold ERP competency, thanks to the unique focus and broad-spectrum solutions on Microsoft Dynamics.

Municipia, specialized in solutions for the Local PA and established in local bodies for the management of tax revenue activities.

Nexen, focused on managerial consultancy, creation, design and realization of organizational, control and performance models for supporting commercial, management and governance activities.

OverIT, specialized in Mobile Business solutions, Workforce Management, Sales Force Automation and Geographical Information Systems (GIS), via the application platform Geocall.

Webresults, customized cloud services and applications to support company sales, marketing and customer services processes.

Engiweb Security, integrant part of Engineering Software Lab, the parent company'structure specialized in software design, development and testing within systems integration projects.

In April 2017 it started to be a part of the Group Sofiter Tech, that provides companies of business and consulting services in operational and functional areas ranging from analysis and organizational design to the creation of integrated information management and process management system of business.

In July 2017 it was formalized the acquisition of Sogeit Solutions, a company specialized in the development of standard and custom ICT products and services, Enterprise Business Services, Management Consulting and System Integration.


The Group produces about 11% of the turnover and operates IT initiatives in more than 20 countries.

Engineering is a European Community technological partner and operates with the subsidiary Engineering International Belgium also on International organizations and in the public and private market in the Belux area and EMEA area.

In Brazil, the subsidiary Engineering do Brasil, with offices in San Paolo, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, Recife, Rio de Janeiro and in Argentina the subsidiary Engi da Argentina, based in Buenos Aires, were set up to support internationalization on markets with high growth potential and development in innovative areas.

Engineering is present in the United States with Engineering International Inc. with offices in Wilmington (Delaware) and in New York via a Centre of Competence using Open Source environment, for clients and operators that intend to adopt or use the business intelligence suite SpagoBI.

In June 2016 the German holding company Engineering ITS AG has become part of the Engineering Group; it includes EMDS, DST Consulting, DST IT Services and Engineering Software Labs, specialized in the IT sector and strategic and business consulting services.

It was established in July 2016 the Spanish company Engineering Ingegneria Informatica Spain SL, with the HQs based in Madrid and a competence center for the Energy & Utilities market in support of major international and local players in the Water, Gas and Electric Energy sectors.

In October 2017 it was completed the acquisition of Engineering USA (formerly Hyla Soft Inc.), headquartered in Chicago, specialized in the Manufacturing IT industry, thanks to PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) and S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning) technology solutions.

More than 1000 clients in all markets

Engineering has been a partner of  Italy's Central Public Administration since the end of the 1980s. Engineering accompanies Ministries, Authorities, control bodies and social security bodies towards new public-private interaction models for service provision and organizational models to concentrate ever-decreasing resources on "core" activities. Engineering is also a partner of Italy's Digital Agenda workgroups, in the realm of their six strategic axes that have been identified: Infrastructure and security, Smart cities, E-Government, Digital competences, Research and innovation, and E-Commerce.

In Local Public Administration, Engineering works with local public bodies to innovate internal services for citizens and companies: from complete management of IT assets, to the electronic conversion of administrative proceedings. This global vision of IT systems gives rise to an integrated proposal of services, consultancy and software solutions

for the realization of development strategies of smart government and smart cities. The subsidiary Engineering Tributi boasts an acknowledged excellence in the management of local taxation matters: almost 1 municipality in every 3 uses solutions created by Engineering.

Engineering is the first national pole to provide an integrated offer of products, services and consultancy for electronic healthcare: a presence in 60% of the Italian healthcare organizations, twenty years experience in healthcare government at all levels, the ERP - AREAS® suite, a market best brand, to integrate and support clinical and administrative processes in hospital and territorial contexts. The company also offers specific application solutions and system and process integration competences for various clinical, administrative and managerial areas, which have especially been developed in important projects in 13 Italian regions: the emergency networks (118), the Electronic Health Dossier and Unified Data Registers.

Engineering is the largest national IT centre in the sector:  950 product and process specialists, 30 million users in Italy, managed with proprietary solutions, a 30% market share in the whole Italian market. Engineering's Net@Suite, a market best-brand that has been included in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for several years,  manages about 10 million clients, equal to about 60% of the Italian market. 

These figures can be completed with the group's presence in the Electrical Energy sector, with more than 3 million customers managed and about 9 million customers in the water sector, amounting to 50% of this sector. in the Oil & Gas sector, Engineering is a partner, acting as a business integrator, of several IT initiatives in Italy and overseas with some of the main petroleum and energy groups worldwide, participating in activities with a high technological, productive

and competitive impact: billing, provision management, front-office, metering, settlement and system management for electrical energy transportation grids, verticalized solutions on SAP platforms, and the design and creation of internet and intranet sites.

Through their offers that are independent of their geographical location, Engineering's presence in the Italian and international telecommunications market is long-standing: the solutions offered cover the functional and applicational areas that are typical of this sector (BSS, OSS, VAS for wireless, wireline, converging and broadband services) and support functions in ERP, ECM, EAI, HR and Security environments, etc. A key element in their offer: Billing platforms to support management of land-mobile convergence.

Thanks to the integrated portfolio of ICT and business competences, added to by specific application solutions, Engineering optimizes its clients' technological investments, the creation of innovation and management programs, guaranteeing constant availability and continuous alignment between business requests and information systems.

Engineering's approach is developed in specific directions: Research and Development, Globalization, Manufacturing and Automation, Outsourcing, ERP, SCM, CRM, hot trends such as mobile computing, social networking, consumerization of business applications...

The technological partnerships with the market's main players, in both application SW solutions and in technological platforms, allow us to address the most wide-ranging client needs, providing state of the art solutions and addressing the various particularities of each market.

Engineering has consolidated partnership relations with the largest Italian banking-insurance groups, owing to its own portfolio of offers that supply effective, global answers to the clients' needs, in terms of consultancy support, feasibility studies, solutions focused on operational and management topics, system integration projects,

Application Management and Back Office services, development of SAP platform solutions, geo-referencing systems and use of open source solutions.

Special attention is paid to leasing and factoring sectors and to the development of the credit market in Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.