Initiatives and projects

Engineering takes part in several projects both in Italy and Europe, through networks and partnerships where it works with several organizations on the definition of strategies for the growth and development of human resources in the main emerging ICT sectors.

Digita Academy

Engineering is one of DIGITA's partners - Digital Transformation & Industry Innovation Academy, a project born from the collaboration between Federico II University of Naples and Deloitte Digital.

Master MAINS - Management, Innovazione e Ingegneria dei Servizi

Engineering is a partner of the University of Trento of the master whose goal is to train young managers able to manage the interaction between advanced services to businesses and innovation.

Borse di studio "Michele Puccio"

In collaboration with the University of Palermo for the Academic Year 2017/18 three scholarships are set up for experimental thesis in memory of the colleague Michele Puccio.

Tor Vergata: Master in Big Data in Business

Engineering is partner of the second edition of the "Big Data in Business" second level Master course organized by the University of Rome Tor Vergata to train the new Data Scientists.

MIBE: Master all'Università di Pavia

Engineering is the official partner of the course in Digital Management at the MIBE of the University of Pavia, a master's degree on topics such as innovation management, big data analysis, IT project management and soft skills, database design. OPEN REGISTRATIONS UNTIL 21 JUNE.

Bologna Business School: Master in Data Science

Renewed collaboration between Engineering and Bologna Business School for the realization of the second edition of the Master in Data Science. 1,500 total hours: 360 of frontal teaching in English, 540 of individual study and 600 of internships.

Assinter Academy

Engineering is partner of Assinter Italia for the support to the high profile multidisciplinary training initiative, realized in collaboration with the Milan Polytechnic and SDA Bocconi, for the management of ICT in the public sector and in particular in the field of Digital Health.

Borse di studio aziendali

To promote education and commitment in 2nd level and university education, Engineering in the school year / academic year 2015/16 provides 75 scholarships for the children of Group employees.

Master in Documenti e Archivi Sanitari Digitali (DASDI)

Engineering is a partner of the University of Macerata for the advanced course in DASDI, a path for the training of specialists in health and socio-health, able to dominate the correct methodology for training, management and conservation of documents and digital health archives in the context of Electronic Healthcare.

Best Talent Hunter

Engineering was awarded by the University of Padua for the best post-stage recruitment rate in 2017.

MIP: Master in Energy Management

Engineering is a sponsor of the Milan Polytechnic Master's program which aims to train young professionals (6 months in the classroom and 6 in internships) to be included in the companies of the sector, providing the basic and specialized knowledge necessary for professional needs throughout the entire chain.

Perugia: Master in Data Science

Organized by the Engineering Department of the University of Perugia, the second level Master in Data Science is among the activities of Engineering for the promotion of the new professional figure of the Data Scientist.

2015: oltre 1.000 persone assunte in Engineering nel settore ICT

Launched in early 2015, Engineering's recruitment campaign, aimed at graduates in economic and scientific disciplines with excellent marks, led to the permanent recruitment of 1,215 people, of which 1,052 in Italy.

Progetti di Tesi con stage curriculare o aziendale in Engineering

Initiative of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of the University of Bologna to draft a thesis on "Cloud" issues.

Il futuro è oggi: sei pronto?

Engineering is a partner of the cultural project for the sensitization of university students on the importance of digital skills and entrepreneurial mentality for their work. The research was conducted on over 2000 students.

Un laboratorio per formare i futuri "digital enterprise innovation leader"

Engineering is among the 9 companies participating in the DEL Executive Workshop, a managerial development laboratory of the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice aimed at training high-potential professionals.

A Pavia arrivano le "Lauree Magistrali Plus"

Engineering is among the companies that have joined the project launched by the University of Pavia. LM + is a master's degree aimed at the most deserving students who will have the opportunity to come into direct contact with the business world.

Biogem: al via i corsi di alta formazione

The 28th edition of the UIIP Program has been inaugurated. 90 Engineering graduates, selected from 500 candidates, will hold three months of classroom training in the Biogem Campus laboratories of Ariano Irpino, before being included in partner companies, including Engineering.

All'Unical nuovo corso di laurea "Gestione dei documenti digitali"

Engineering is one of the promoters of the course of study in Management and conservation of digital documents announced by the University of Calabria for the 2016/2017 academic year and which foresees new outgoing professional figures.

Advanced Training Course in "eHealthLearn: ICT for Health"

Funded by MIUR and promoted by Engineering as a training activity of the eHealthNet research project, the course aims to provide knowledge and skills for the management of new models of assistance and provision of services for digital healthcare.

Il Ministro Poletti in visita alla Scuola di Ferentino

The Minister of Labor and Social Policies, Hon. Giuliano Poletti, visited the Engineering & Engineering School "Enrico Della Valle", located at the gates of Rome, in Ferentino.