ERP, Engineering competence and data center for Cotral wages

Freeing oneself from "non-core" activities to focus on the corporate mission: this goal is increasingly being sought through the outsourcing of wage packet processing services.

Engineering manages the wage packet processing service through outsourcing for Cotral S.p.A., the Lazio region's intercity public transport company with more than 3,300 employees.

In addition to processing wages and all the relative obligations (Uniemens, CUD, 730/4 770, ...), the service also provides business intelligence functions, costs analysis and the preparation of human resources budgets.

As the central application component for wage packet processing, the HR system on the AREAS platform is configured according to the transport company's specific characteristics and integrated with other administrative-accounting systems (SAP) in use. The system's hardware infrastructure used Managed Operations resources provided by the Engineering Group's data center network, to guarantee service efficiency and continuity.

A further qualifying element of the competences and resources provided by Engineering for this project is the company's several years of experience in the HR management sector, in all its various aspects: regulatory, organizational and managerial, an essential requisite for managing personnel management services in outsourcing for large organizations.