The AREAS® application platform

AREAS® is the specific ERP (Healthcare Enterprise Resource Planning) platform for healthcare developed by Engineering, chosen and used each day by dozens of local healthcare facilities and hospitals.

AREAS® is a complete, customizable web solution, to support the carrying out and integration of the clinical and administrative processes in the company-based or supra-company healthcare organizations.

In Engineering's architectural vision, the single applications are bricks in the Hospital Information System, integrated into a common platform for connection and exchange of data. AREAS® comprises seven application areas, divided into modular and programmable systems and subsystems.

Governance: systems for clinical and economic-financial governance. (risk management, treatment protocols and Evidence Based Medicine protocols, information obligation flow management)

Access: systems for accessing assistance programs (CUP, hospital registration, emergency room, 118 emergency service number).

Hospital: systems for digitizing hospital admittance and outpatients processes (clinical records, outpatients, order entry, operating theaters, local logistics).

Territorial: systems and subsystems for the management of district activities (legal medicine, prosthetic medicine, rehabilitation, consulting rooms, PUA, home assistance for patients, RSA, sports and general medicine) and prevention (screening, vaccinations, environmental safety, food and workplace).

Diagnostics: systems for managing laboratories and service medicine (test labs, transfusions, anatomic pathology, and radiology).

Administration and Control: administrative management systems (accounting, provisioning, logistics, finance and budget).

Human Resources: staff management systems (attendance/absence monitoring, calculation of salaries, training and organization).

The AREAS® platform, with the combination of its 89 certified profiles/IHE actors, is the national leader in terms of international tests certifying interoperability according to the sector's reference standards.