InteGRIDy: Integrated Smart GRID cross-functional solutions

Engineering is partner of the InteGRIDy project, a scalable Cross-Functional Platform connecting energy networks with diverse stakeholders.

InteGRIDy seeks to connect innovative services, technologies and emerging mechanisms of intelligent electric networks through the deployment of a scalable and replicable platform. This platform will allow the connection of the current energy network with the different market players, as well as providing improved capabilities for the monitoring of consumption and generation profiles.

The ultimate goal is to facilitate the optimal and dynamic operation of the power distribution network, boosting network stability while coordinating the inclusion of distributed energy sources, virtual power generation plants and innovative and collaborative energy storage schemes, with an increasing percentage of renewable energies.

The most relevant innovations include the integration of existing automation systems and intelligent meter reading with intelligent IoT infrastructure. Also included is the development of modeling mechanisms oriented to the management of network topology, the introduction of real-time response models and to perform battery recharging profiles. InteGRIDy also incorporates predictive algorithms to manage energy generation and demand in real time.

The 10 pilots that will take place in 8 European Union countries (Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, UK, Greece, Cyprus and Romania) will benefit from powerful visual analysis applications and dynamic simulations that will allow them to make predictions and make optimal decisions on the resources to be used.

In the project, Engineering is responsible for the design of the overall inteGRIDy software architecture as well as for the core technology developments, mainly focused on the optimization of the distribution grid.

Based on pilot results, the project will propose new consistent business models with the energy paradigm proposed by inteGRIDy, which covers real-time demand management and allows new market players to participate in network operations.

The project started on January 1st, 2017, and the consortium involves 30 partners Atos, Gas Natural Fenosa and Aiguasol (Spain), SIEMENS, Teesside University, Isle of Wight, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Synergy Systems, EMSc (UK) and AT Kearney (United Kingdom), Engineering, ASM Terni, University of Rome "Sapienza", Polytechnic of Milan, Azienda San Severino Marche, Energy@Work and UNE (Italy), INNED (France), University of Cyprus and Electricity Authority of Cyprus (Cyprus), PH Energy, LISBOA E-NOVA, Portuguese Catholic University and Virtual Power Solutions (Portugal), SIVECO Romania and Societatea De Distributie Si Furnizare to Energiei Electrice (Romania), Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH), Sunlight, WATT+VOLT and TREK (Greece).