Geocall DR.ONE: flying innovation

The solution developed by OverIT allows the use of civil drones for the on-field automated data collection.

The technological advances of recent years led to the creation of high performing and low costing RPAs (Remotely Piloted Aircrafts). The advantages of these systems are many: an extensive training to fly them is not needed, they can take off in a small space, they can carry data acquisition systems (videocameras, picture cameras, temperature sensors, infrared, ...), they can fly over places that are commonly difficult to access from the ground, and they are easy to carry. The use of Remotely Piloted Aircrafts is therefore of considerable interest for maintenance and inspection activities.

Geocall DR.ONE is integrated with Geocall WFM and adds to it new possibilities for field maintenance, by inspecting hard-to-reach places such as parts of electrical network, segments of a pipeline or a particular portion of highway.

The Geocall’s back office operator can define the tasks that will be sent to the drone, while the field technician will not have to do anything but go to the established take-off point, previously optimised by Geocall, with considerable advantages in terms of speed and safety.