Dematerialization of "Red Prescriptions" for the Veneto Region

The Veneto Region project, supported by Engineering, has won the eGov 2014 award in the "Internal efficiency and simplification" category".

The digitalization of medical prescriptions is one of the main interventions for implementing the Digital Agenda in the innovation and increase of efficiency of Italian healthcare: a priority intervention for increasing the quality of service and even more so for controlling health expenditure.

The Veneto Region is one of the first Italian regions to achieve this goal. The dematerialization of medical prescriptions involves the creation of an information flow that connects the subjects issuing prescriptions, providers and the ones in charge of monitoring, i.e. family physicians, MMG pediatricians, pharmacies, local health authorities, Regional administrations and the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF).

The digitalization of prescriptions ensures that prescription errors will be eliminated to the advantage of a better healthcare path for the patient, and also control of pharmaceutical expenditure via controls by the Region and the MEF.

The start of dematerialization of the pharmaceutical "red" prescription in the Veneto Region has a strategic significance that intersects with the realization of the regional Electronic Healthcare Dossier (FSEr). 60 million prescriptions, 40 million of which are pharmaceutical and 20 million of which are for specialist appointments, are produced each year in Veneto. Thanks to the dematerialized prescriptions, the regional healthcare system will save about 3 million Euros per year.

The project enjoys Engineering's technological contribution for the realization of the Regional Acceptance System (SAR), the component at the center of the regional system that carries out controls on prescriptions, collects information and also communicates in synchronization with the MMG and CUP files and the MEF platform.

The SAR developed by Engineering based on the open source integration platform (middleware) Spagic, which manages over 500,000 transactions each day with average response times of 0.3 seconds compared to the pre-set 8. The project has won the eGov 2014 award in the "Internal efficiency and simplification" category, also thanks to these high technological performances.