Ge.RI.: the application solution for managing revenue collection for local bodies

More than ever today, revenue collection is a vital function for local government to guarantee the municipality's autonomy, development of its own activities and provision of developed services for the taxpayers.

It is important that collection, both direct and through concession, is supported by a valid information system, that must guarantee, sure, efficient and prompt collection.

Ge.RI. is an application thought and realized to support the entire life cycle of the collection process from the ordinary phases to the forced collection: it allows centralized and shared management of the entire loading, payment, provision, actions and accounting process for the local government credit, both in relation to tax revenue and non-tax revenue.

This is highly sophisticated software that, tied to the possibility of configuring the entire activities process (list of load, notices, provisions, injunctions, reminders, suspensions, seizures, payment channels, statements...) represent a unique, versatile tool for managing revenue in relation to the specific needs of each body (high levels of personalization  and parameterization).

Management is set in full observance of the rules that regulate the entire collection procedure and is promptly updated in the event of variations.

Ge.RI. intervenes to support the body via a high automated management that:

  • provides guarantees of sure results quickly and enhances the body's image with the citizens
  • influences cash-flow (less time for incoming payments compared to ordered payments) and financial aspects (more incoming payments than foreseen during the same period)
  • allows a clear reduction in management costs
  • allows enforced stage to be reduced to the minimum
  • it produces statements and analyses of revenue in real time
  • it interfaces with all the body's internal structures and with external subjects for the exchange of data and information aimed at optimizing collection results.

Ge.RI. is available in Cloud SaaS, mode or can be used as a web service thanks to the user of distributed hw/sw resources, also virtualized on the web.

In addition to the inherent advantages in using Ge.RI, there are also the ones linked to Cloud management: reduction of management costs, streamlining of operativeness, reduction of risks.

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