SILER - Emilia Romagna Regional Administration’s Labor Information System

Engineering contributes to the socioeconomic development of the area thanks to a full, flexible system for administrative procedures and for providing services for the labor market.

Integration in labor policy management among public facilities, private operators, subjects in charge of implementing local development policies and social partners has been the center of attention for institutional and social operators in recent years.

Engineering provides all-round experience and expertise in all the service areas involved in the labor market,  that have the technological infrastructure in the Labor Information System (SIL) required for achieving the maximum degree of information and procedure integration among all the services and players involved. This vision and offer produce a true "digital nerve center" for employment and professional training in the area, an organizational and operational tool that is continuously evolving to include the considerable input that comes from local policy decisions and central government ones.

The information system adopted by all the Emilia Romagna Region provincial administrations (SILER) was realized within the framework of the national e-government program. A full, flexible project that automates administrative procedures and service provision for the labor market, ensuring homogeneity in the structure for the citizens and enterprises throughout the region.

SILER is a federal system: each provincial center is autonomous and, via the application cooperation services, can inter-operate with the Regional center and other provincial centers, and also on a national scale with other regions' systems and that of the Ministry of Labor.

The project created by Engineering is a truly complete system, as it comprises several subsystems integrated with each other: Regional SILER and provincial SILER, SARE for sending applications and documents online by companies, the labor services website, the Statistical Monitoring System, etc. The system is integrated and cooperates with other regional systems and services such as, for example, SIFER (Professional Training System), ORIENTER (training course management), MADREPERLA (crossing of Demand/Supply family assistants), (national construction labor market).

At almost ten years from the start of the project, the system realized by Engineering is now used by more than 2,000 regional or provincial operators and by 22,000 companies in the area, serving a catchment area of more than 2.5 million citizens of working age.

The project is also an important example of re-using software in the Public Administration, as the development realized for the Emilia Romagna Region is now also used by other Italian Administrations, such as the Umbria Regional Administration, the Valle D'Aosta Autonomous Region and the Trento Autonomous Province.