INPS: “AGO” pension calculation

A new service module arises from INPS' need to redesign the calculation algorithms for General Mandatory Insurance positions. Usable from a single website. For everyone.

The activities carried out by Engineering for redesigning "AGO" pension calculations are integrated with the activities supporting application management and concern ordinary pensions - intending also the ones deriving from the death of the assignor (reversibility) or from invalidity that has arisen.

Redesigning calculation algorithms starts by rewriting the essential components, and they regard the contribution percentage and retribution of each person, and the quota which may be due as an extra service to the pension itself, in addition to the calculation of the tax to be applied.


One of the main benefits coming from Engineering's work is the modular management of the various pension categories, which is surely the one of greatest impact: clear simplification of the acquisition modes for calculation requests (orders) coming from other complementary INPS areas (pensions with international agreements and special funds) or other pension bodies.

From a purely technical point of view, a new architecture was designed to realize the project, which provided for the introduction of a new main service model and a modular structure, to guarantee access from a single entrance portal, to serve the various INPS calculation procedures.