ELISE: The solution for Loans

Integrated management of all types of loans paid by installments.

Elise allows the dynamics definition of products and their conditions, sale of the products guided by a workflow engine, management of all loan-related processes, calculation of all the various types of amortization, suspensions, reprieves, and subrogations.

It is a modular suite of systems realized in distributed architecture, aimed at managing processes, data and functions required to satisfy all the operations coming from the management of all types of loans paid back in installments.

Elise is based on a kernel characterized by:

  • Global functional coverage
  • Process-oriented approach 
  • Web-based differentiated user interfaces
  • SOA Architecture
  • High degree of parameterization 
  • Multi-channel / Multi-currency / Multi-entity management

and comprises the following modules:

Engine, that manages all the business topics linked to the functional environment and integrations with the hosting information system. The Engine holds a collection of services through which the system's functions are activated.

A set of web based User Applications (J2EE), that manage the user topics in a specialized, evolved manner. These applications can be differentiated by type of user (management offices, networks, administrator...), by type of product or according to the organizational model adopted by the Bank.

Communication Layer, that manages the dialogue between ENGINE and USER APPLICATION, according to environmental standards, pursuing autonomy of

development and independence from technologies and safeguarding investments.

Proprietary Workflow Manager (Credit Process Manager), that governs all the main phases of credit in a customizable, specialized process logic. The Credit Process Manager is carried out according to WFMC standards; therefore, it can easily interface with market WF products. Special attention has also been paid to functional innovation, realizing structures than can support the rapid evolution of the credit world (innovative products, flexibility, pricing...).

Credit Content Manager, that manages the evolution of information required to manage a loan application. This gathers, updates, publishes and stores this information. The data are organized into substructures in this component:

  • dossiers 
  • folders
  • dynamic spreadsheets

that can be parametrically defined according to some characteristics, such as the type of client, the type of product...

The Content Manager allows several users to collaborate on the creation and progressive completion of the application until it is finalized, through the roles and privileges attributed to each of them. Each substructure in the Content Manager foresees different states according to the progress of the application and the characteristics of the active user in that phase. The Content Manager foresees historical storing of different versions of the data on completion of significant states in terms of the progress of the application.