Data used as strategic leverage for the large-scale distribution market

The Big Data revolution may be a competitive advantage for recovering margins, streamlining operations and increasing sales. The huge amount of information that the distribution companies produce each day can become a strategic asset for retailers, by integrated data management that allows consumer behavior analysis or the highlighting of "hot" products in real time.

The amount of data produced and managed each day all over the world has reached proportions that were impossible to imagine just five years ago. Internet of Things, Digital Technology, and Mobility are just some of the latest technological evolutions that have given this phenomenon a massive acceleration. A trend that is visible in all sectors of the economy and all over the world, which has brought McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) to raise data to being a production factor just like physical or human capital.

In the meantime, retailers, constantly searching for data analysis tools for making opportune decisions rapidly and confidently, have enormous potential, so far unexpressed, in the data that is stored in their own systems, whether transactional data or stored in a data warehouse, or whether produced and managed by the company or coming from interconnections with their own ecosystem (customers, suppliers, commercial partners). This amazing pile of information is an essential asset that can be used for taking immediate decisions, in real time, at any level of the decision-making chain.

Engineering, which has always been a pioneer in supporting its clients in the management of solutions and platforms aimed at managing large amounts of data, has set up its own Big Data competence center, in-memory computing and real-time applications, using the facilities made available by its own Services Center in Pont-Saint-Martin and placing all management and project experiences from recent years with their clients as a common factor.


SAP HANA Demo Center

In order to aid the implementation speed of technology, Engineering has announced the creation of a new Demo Center to support the SAP HANA platform.

The Engineering SAP HANA Demo Center makes technological and business scenarios available, which prove how the use of in-Memory technology increases a company's capacity to make real time decisions, by analyzing large quantities of data stored in the company servers.

The new SAP HANA Demo Center, located in Pont-Saint-Martin in Italy, can be accessed by the entire world and offers clients the possibility of becoming familiar with SAP HANA technology and adjusting its implementation to personal operational requirements with the help of Engineering's application and system experts.

Big Data and Open Source: a native solution

Engineering has created a solution, as part of the Knowage project, that natively exploits Open Source technologies and projects linked to the world of big data.

Using some of these technologies, such as Hadoop, Cloudera, Apache Hbase, Stom and EsperTech. has allowed a flexible solution to be created that can manage different scenarios, with several fields of application, e.g.: Big Data without real time analysis, Big Data with real time analysis and Linked data analysis.