Smart government is for everyone with "Firenze Mia"

An innovative way of providing services that aids personalized dialogue between citizens and associations.

Promoted by Florence City Council to facilitate communication with the citizen, and in line with web and legislation evolution, "Firenze Mia" allows new provision modes for online services, and offers the associations the possibility of adding new content to the citizen's personalized civic network and to the operator's desk.

The information and proactive services are profiled "ad civem", i.e. designed on the basis of individual interest, and are provided via web application or via apps that can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play.

The services are activated and configured freely by the user according to his needs - said Gianluca Vannuccini, Florence City Council's Technological Infrastructure Development Manager - thanks to a profilable interface, with advanced user experience on both the extranet and intranet side, in order to enrich them in a scalable, dynamic manner with a "widget" philosophy that is so common in the new web social media (iGoogle, Facebook…). The administration responds with personalized content about the citizen's profile also in a proactive manner, providing services and information that has not yet been requested by the citizen.

How it works

Accessby entering one's credentials, all the resources available on the portal can be used in single-sign-on mode.

My servicesThe system allows viewing of the services made available by the body for the citizen.

Around me - The citizen accesses the information resources and services he is interested in on a map. The system returns a view of the points of interest that refer to items present in his data. The POI (points of interest) are shown on the map with markers, which also refer to different services, each highlighted by a specific color.

My filesThe citizen can access data concerning him that are made available via suitable services (inside or outside the Municipality). The widget also allows viewing of the files of interest divided into "open" and "closed". If a file can be consulted in detail on the web, it will be possible to access it via a link.

My commitments - On a calendar, the citizen  can enter events and dates, but can also view events from the system based on administration deadlines relating to his profile, or even other events that the system considers appropriate to suggest based on the behavioral category to which the citizen belongs.

Tell us what you thinkUsing this widget, the citizen sends feedback or reports in reference to a series of predefined evaluation categories.

Other servicesResearch, direct contact with the association, and survey services are also present.

Press Review

E' nata Firenze Mia
Innovazione PA - mag/giu 2013