The system for calculating INPS remuneration

One of the largest SAP Payroll projects nationally: more than 600 final users and 50,000 pay slips processed each month.

One of the requisites at the basis of the project that has seen the realization of the new INPS remuneration calculation system (executive managers, professionals, doctors, clerks, officials, collegiate bodies etc.) is its integration with other institute applications, first of all with the integration system between management control and financial and economic accounting of assets. From this viewpoint, the choice has been to implement the specific application of the ERP SAP (SAP Payroll) platform, in order to ensure full integration with the institute's other SAP components.

Engineering's contribution to realizing the project was the analysis, development, training and subsequent support during startup of the new system. A complex project challenge for the size of the subjects involved (more than 200 offices of peripheral staff), the number of the contract types, administrative processes and calculations, and for integration with other pre-existing SAP and legacy systems. 

Realization of the project has brought about greater efficacy and efficiency in managing the institute's internal processes, also deriving from the complete nature of the salary solution and the choice of introducing a consolidated ERP solution to the national and international market, which has allowed native integration between the general accounting, financial and analytical components, logistics and personnel management.