IPER GROUP: Staff planning

Another large retail client chooses Engineering to implement a new sales point staff working hours planning system.

“After careful analysis of the functional characteristics of the Invision software and a demonstration of its organizational capacities, the product's expertise and Engineering's project experience as a reference system integrator, we decided that WFM is the right solution for implementing our staff working hours planning system”. Valerio Cortese, IT Director, Iper Montebello.

The group's Italian chain of hypermarkets has chosen to entrust Engineering with resolving its employee shift problems at all its sales points. Engineering implemented the Work Force Management solutions by InVision Software.

As part of a series of initiatives aimed at improving the administrative processes and reorganization of Human Resources, the Iper Group decided to evaluate a project for using its own system for planning staff shifts according to actual need, replacing software applications used today with a new specifically dedicated module.

Iper Montebello's objectives

  • making Group working hours' definition and management homogeneous, safeguarding the Sales Point's autonomy
  • Reducing the time required for planning working hours
  • improving area process efficiency and area service quality
  • standardizing data output, aiding group reporting
  • selecting and implementing a suitable IT solution for these needs
  • digitizing processes that are currently managed manually
  • integrating the systems involved

planning efficiently

The project has been placed in a complex organizational process and has involved several organizational levels:

  • personnel office at headquarters and sales point
  • the checkout department staff and from other sales point departments
  • the information systems.

The challenge for Iper Montebello was to reorganize the processes by rationalizing and standardizing the IT tools:

  • substitution of application in use for planning checkout department's working hours
  • extension of the new system to the other sales point departments and integration with the staff administration system.

Iper Montebello implemented the German-made InVision Software, one of the leaders in Workforce Management solutions, in all their 26 hypermarkets in Italy.

Engineering took part in the scheduled realization and provision of services phases:

  • implementation of the new solution in two pilot sales points
  • roll-out in the remaining sales points
  • program management, control and quality.

Employee productivity and satisfaction

The areas addressed by the project are the following.

Accurate forecast of staff needs, with expected level of service and quality:

  • use of objective parameters (business drivers: sales, customers, sales receipts)
  • precision of need calculation mode (granularity of 15 minutes per activity), bearing in mind productivity
  • possibility of evaluating impact of variables on need, such as the number of customers in a queue.

Optimized planning of resources, in line with company decisions:

  • planning based on need
  • observance of contractual restrictions, trade union and additional agreements and rules of fairness and equity
  • attention to staff availability and needs
  • importance of skills for allocating activities.

Rapid and efficient analysis and monitoring:

  • real time recording of each difference between planned scenario and real one
  • verification of correctness of need and planning
  • daily management of shifts and check on impact of variations to coverage
  • productivity monitoring.