Ge.I.S.: the application solution for managing tourist tax

Tourist tax, which many municipalities are already applying and that others are about to apply, is a scenario wherein the application modes, exemptions and calculation formulas are very different from each other.

In this context, one solution that simplifies the fulfillment of obligations for the managers and that also allows efficient interaction between the hotels and the local government becomes strategically important to optimize the management and monitoring processes of the tax.

Ge.I.S. is the web solution designed and realized ad hoc by Engineering Tributi to allow tourist tax management. The solution, in full compliance with national law and the local government's regulations, manages the tax and interfaces the hotels' activities with those of the council's, directing it to high added value activities such as verification, control and scrutiny.

Ge.I.S. offers a customized solution for the specific needs of each municipal council, foreseeing parameterization of the rules for calculating the due amount, the rates applied and the control modes.

The application comprises a set of modules that allow all the operations foreseen for the individual players involved:

  • a module for the hotels that provides a simple, full graphic interface that makes any action fast and intuitive
  • a module for the body that includes all the necessary functions for counter management activities and ordinary management as well as for verification and monitoring of collection
  • a module for system administrators, i.e. the figures who normally operate to support the solution users.

A single database feeds the front-office (hotels and the back-office (Municipality/Admin) guaranteeing real-time synchronization of information.

The  front-office and the back-office can use different authentication systems. At the same time, the back-office can use an LDAP system for internal users.

Ge.I.S. can also interface with:

  • a register management system (e.g. ACSOR by Engineering), to search and automatically upload the hotel managers' data in the tourist tax management system (if available)
  • a collection management system (e.g. Ge.RI. by Engineering), that the council uses for direct collection of more revenue
  • a General Protocol management system
  • reporting systems for incoming payments (Treasury, Post offices, ATMs)
  • management systems for shopkeepers, in the event of returns by flow.

Ge.I.S. is available in Cloud SaaS mode, or usable as a web service thanks to the user of distributed hw/sw resources that are virtualized on the web.

In addition to the inherent advantages of Ge.I.S. there are also the ones linked to Cloud management: reduction of management costs, streamlining operativeness and reduction of risks.

Engineering Tributi