Fiat Group Automobiles and Engineering: management monitoring and control for energy efficiency

"The monitoring and targeting of energy is a company objective and is a prerequisite for implementing any improvement plan." - Giuseppe Sola, Energy Manager Fiat Group Automobiles.

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure”: on the basis of this principle and with a view to evolution, in line with the commitment declared in its own sustainability reports, in 2008 Fiat Group Automobiles carried out an analysis of company processes and applications to identify the critical elements and strong points of existing systems.
The analysis highlighted the need for an aligned, shared management of the group's energy data, the performance goals and measures and the creation of worldwide benchmarking models.

The intervention and the solution

For the Energy Monitoring and Targeting project, FGA has asked Engineering for the analysis and re-engineering of a client application developed in java for the control and management of factory energy carriers. The project, initially extended to Italian sites (the Group's 7 sites) and realized in just 10 months, consisted of the design, implementation, installation and start up of production of a web system based on Microsoft.Net and SQL Server 2005 technology with the following functions:

  • monitoring of consumptions and relative costs on the two-dimensional matrix (energy carriers/factory areas)
  • statistical analysis of correlation between consumption and product parameters (energy drivers)
  • management of nominal capacity
  • budget management
  • registration and management of final balance data
  • forecast management
  • printing of summary reports.

The development phases of the energy management system

  • In a first photograph of the system to be monitored, the key elements of consumption were identified for each department: physical and production parameters, processing plants and energy carriers used. 
  • Once the energy drivers responsible for consumptions have been determined, a mathematical model was formulated to characterize the system and determine a true energy budget, allowing a cross comparison of the energy analysis with the company management control. The result is the capacity to define the energy expenditure budget on different centers of cost, being able to define energy yield and management programs for each of these. 
  • The later analysis of differences allowed detection and correction of the causes of deviation compared to the initial forecast.
  • Finally via the definition of energy
  • standards, targeting was possible, defining the objectives in terms of consumer indices, saturation of plants and control of fixed rates.

Results and benefits, in the name of sustainability

The implementation of EMT has allowed Fiat Group Automobiles to:

  • centralize data on a single web system
  • increase energy efficiency with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • improve the management of production budget
  • extend the use of the tool to other companies in the group.

However, it is above all the capacity for widespread, precise control that EMT allows a virtuous circle of energy saving to be started, by reducing consumption, lower polluting emissions and lower costs.
EMT has also been identified as a management tool for the application of the method chosen by the car company World Class Manufacturing - WCM - for the Environment pillar. This logic is based on beating waste and losses in the entire corporate environment.

Collaboration renewed in time

The solution proposed by Engineering is not only a software product, but has complex potential that can be integrated with a full service for the management of energy. Evolution of the program, in fact, foresees the realization of new calculation and reporting functions, such as:

  • consumption indices for the factory/department/carrier
  • calculation of CO2 coming from energy consumption
  • energy generation process analysis and relative monitoring & targeting
  • extension of EMT to overseas factories.

In addition to the consultancy that Engineering offers to FGA for Application Management, working alongside staff in the use of EMT and support for the design and drafting of internal energy statements.

Download the brochure: FGA ed Engineering, monitoraggio e controllo di gestione per l’efficienza energetica