"EMS" AREAS for managing healthcare emergencies in Emilia Romagna

The Emilia Romagna Region Medical Emergency System is a reference model, on an international scale, for its efficiency and technology.

The new organizational model for the service sees three Operational Centers covering the entire region - which is one of the most highly populated and traveled through in Italy - to replace the previous nine. This configuration has allowed the service to be improved further, allowing resources to be freed up for investment in means/technologies and specialization of staff. The change also concerns the soon to be operational NUE 112. The Operational Centers are in fact ready for the changeover to the New Single European Number for emergencies "112", which is already active in the Province of Rimini.

The technological heart of the regional service, i.e. the software for managing operating theaters, has been Engineering for twenty years, now in its most recent version AREAS EMS (Emergency Medical System). The Group's technology fully supports the emergency intervention management process throughout the Region, coordinating the network of available resources in the area: emergency vehicles, healthcare structures, police forces.... monitoring each activity and supporting the center operator in the decision-making processes carried out under critical conditions.

The IT infrastructure that has been created has several integrations with other systems and for implementation of the most recent localization, mapping and geolocalization technologies, communication between centers and emergency vehicles, identification and optimization of resources in the area (vehicles, structures, skills...). All the ambulances in the regional 118 pool have on board PCs, an instrument that allows the operational center to know which resources are being used in the various emergencies at any time, thus guaranteeing that they can provide the necessary support.

Also thanks to its several years' experience with Engineering, the Emilia Romagna Region emergency healthcare management service is one of the excellences in the sector, a reality where IT and Telecommunications technology, medical knowledge and professionalism are combined in a combined vision for protecting citizens' health.

Over the years, the service has seen continuous innovations and now, in this phase of thorough reorganization, Engineering is the Region's technological partner on this path too.