Financial Management of the Revolving Fund and the EU Budget

Efficiency and transparency in financial relations with the European Union.

IGRUE is the inspectorate which, within the State General Accounting Department, manages financial relations with the European Union, owning the Revolving Fund created for the purpose. The IGRUE Information system, which was entirely created by Engineering, supports the inspectorate in all its institutional activities that it is responsible for and is an integrated system, in which vertical business applications interact through cross-sector support applications.

Among the business applications:

  • Financial management is the heart of accounts operations that, by acting through current accounts opened at Banca d'Italia, allow IGRUE to take part in the EU Budget formation and to issue the EU and national joint-financing share for the programs managed by Italy.
  • Monitoring of implementation data is the tool for controlling efficient and effective use of the financial resources issued. The project data realized with EU and national funds, coming from the Information Systems of the Administrations who are in charge of programs into which the projects are entered, are gathered, undergo quality control and are made available for institutional obligations towards the European Union and for feeding other national data bases.
  • Monitoring of controls supports the Administrative processes concerning the topic of controls on jointly-funded projects both locally and at national level, rationalizing and systematizing control data collection, its validation at various levels, exposure of results and opinions to the EU via the institutional obligations foreseen by regulations.