SIRA: Sardinia's Regional Environmental Information System

Environment and technology, a possible combination.

Protecting and managing the Environment System, also using information technology. The safeguarding and optimizing of environmental assets are increasingly involving the integration and diffusion of environmental information via various levels of the Public Administration and many types of private subjects who operate in this area.

Sardinia's Regional Environmental Information System (SIRA), realized by Engineering, extends knowledge and accessibility to information in the environmental field, allowing to fully welcome relations between all the "items" in the same geographical context, thus offering a more complete knowledge of the environment and pressures that are exercised on it.

The items of environmental interest in SIRA are divided into different thematic areas (air, water, waste, physical agents...) and can be consulted/browsed using specific tools and based on the associated metadata. The system therefore offers an overview of the environmental items and competences of the various bodies involved, a necessary condition for efficient governance of the "Environment System".

Thanks to this project, the Sardinian Regional Administration has achieved its goal of finally having all its environmental knowledge in a single system, whereas it was previously split into several different ones. This has brought about considerable time saving, with increased efficiency and effectiveness in all proceedings that require an investigation phase of the environmental matrices. Creating a single, centrally managed system has also allowed for safer, more reliable data managed by the regional administration, with lower system maintenance costs.