FI-Core: Future Internet Core

FIWARE - Core Platform of the Future Internet, providing public and royalty-free APIs to ease the development of Smart Applications.

FIWARE is an innovative, open cloud-based infrastructure for cost-effective implementation and delivery of services and started to materialize as a powerful foundation for the Future Internet since 2011, under the European FI-PPP.

FIWARE eases the implementation of smart applications through the usage of Generic Enablers (GE) - tools providing Open Source APIs addressing common needs, covering many application fields: Security aspects, Users Management, Web UI, Data Management and Visualization, Cloud Hosting, IoT connections.

FIWARE aims at boosting the creation of services of high economic and societal value, reinforcing EU competiveness and bringing opportunities for entrepreneurs and SMEs.

After an intensive period of research and development, the FI-Core project (funded FP7) will complete the FI-PPP vision and support a truly open innovation ecosystem around FIWARE Lab, which is a working instance where users experiment FIWARE technologies, develop and deliver applications. This working instance is distributed across multiple datacentres (FIWARE nodes) in Europe and operated using the FIWARE Ops tools.

In FI-Core project, the consortium will deliver:

  • Technology extensions to the FIWARE platform, introducing new capabilities, including new GEs in the areas of Robotics, Open Data and Network Function Virtualization.
  • Means for platform availability.
  • Processes for ensuring the effective adoption of FIWARE GEs well beyond the FI-PPP community. This includes the launch of operational FIWARE nodes across Europe, with resources and tools to support them, and of extensive training programs for Web entrepreneurs and SMEs.
  • Processes and tools for FIWARE platform sustainability, ensuring  dissemination of current results and their take-up by European and global ecosystems, based on the large involvement of SMEs which will use the platform to create new value networks.

This way FIWARE, FIWARE Ops and FIWARE Lab will be a globally competitive foundation for the European economy.

Engineering has key roles in FI-Core:

  • Coordinating the FIWARE Lab (funded and not funded Nodes) and operating the Italian FIWARE Node (Vicenza), committed to setup a FIWARE commercial instance (
  • Owner of SpagoBI GE and coordinating the Apps/Data Chapter, which includes GEs related to Data visualization, biz framework, marketplace.
  • Coordinating the evolutions of the sustainability and support tools, responsible of the FIWARE Academy, the e-learning system to train on FIWARE, coordinating the development and organisation of its training content.
  • Strongly involved in the Quality Assurance, leading the functional tests.
  • Coordinating the technical coaching, the support given by FIWARE experts to projects granted under the FIWARE accelerator program, having also 4 coaches in 4 accelerators.