NETTUNO: the system for managing revenue in large Municipalities

Simplification of activities for the taxpayer and the tax office is the ambitious goal that NETTUNO pursues: an environment that overcomes the concept of vertical application, presenting itself as a complete revenue management system for Large Municipalities.

The reform process of Local Taxation has defined new guidelines for relations between Municipality and Citizens, addressing strict optimization of management and transparency and correctness with the User.

The NETTUNO system implements an innovative management model, building a real situation based on all the information available at the body, such as the Population Register and Company Register and on flows from Central Agencies such as the Land and Building Registry, Tax Register, Single Deeds, Inheritance, Users, Tax Returns and Locations.

NETTUNO manages such information wealth by operating in the strictest application of the Privacy law deriving from the Legislative Decree 196/2003.

The system has a modular structure focused on the basic NETTUNO Revenue Management module, that operates via a Municipal subjects-objects-relations registry (ACSOR), across the board reporting system of OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) functions and a Revenue Counter module for front-end management with Taxpayers.

The NETTUNO Revenue Management module implements all the administrative and accounting processes that are the basis of revenue management. Basic configuration allows zero-time response to the needs deriving from the new IUC, at the same guaranteeing continuity with previous ones using three components:

  • ICI/IMU Module that unites the efficacy of the due declared-real innovative paradigm with the capacity to construct a complex tax-paying position, joining all the information available
  • TARSU/TARES/TARI Module that optimizes management of spontaneous reports for ordinary management and official monitoring for extraordinary management
  • TASI Module that has the winning weapon for managing taxes that are strongly linked to a single municipality's regulations, in its high level of configurability.

Specific modules for OSAP, Advertising and Administrative Fines management have been created ad hoc on a project basis for some clients.

A rich offer of optional extension modules allows the construction of a full system to jointly govern all the aspects concerning the management of revenue:

  • Document and Protocol Management System
  • Centralized Collection Management (Ge.Ri.)
  • Evasion Search Dashboard
  • TPCRM – Taxpayer's Counter
  • Mercurio – Mass, multichannel shipment
  • IMU/TASI Calculation on-line.

The NETTUNO System is available in Cloud SaaS mode, i.e. usable as a web service, thus guaranteeing a reduction in management costs, reduction of risks and streamlining of operativeness.

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