ECRIS: European Criminal Records Information System

Since 2012, the system interconnects the European Countries' criminal records, automating, speeding up and simplifying the essential exchange of information for security and justice within the EU.

With ECRIS, the European partner countries in this project electronically send notifications of convictions of foreigners to those subjects' respective countries of nationality. Each country thus becomes the collector for all the convictions of its own citizens abroad. The judicial authority of each partner country can therefore request information about a European citizen from its own IT system, thanks to a simple message addressed to the criminal records office of its own country. The exchange of information takes place on the European TESTA network.

Italy's ECRIS system, realized with Engineering's technological collaboration, is now interconnected with 12 countries, and has been automated for the sending of notifications at the same time that any convictions are recorded and for responding in real time to all the requests received after consulting the Criminal Records data bank (SIC).

Thanks to this system, the judicial authorities can ask for news about a citizen of a member state or has lived in a member state from both the Italian criminal records office and an overseas one, without needing to go through long bureaucratic procedures that include the translation of documents. The system, in fact, allows each country to read the information in its own language, thanks to the decoding of some basic elements.