ReCUP Lazio Regional Administration

Engineering is the historical partner of one of the most important regional CUP (centralized booking) projects serving 5 million citizens and with more than 16 millions bookings managed per year.

The ease of access to the service is a central topic for efficacy in healthcare services, equally to the quality of the individual services provided. In observance of this vision and in order to respond to scenarios characterized by increases in demand and simultaneous reduction of resources, the Unique Booking Centers (CUP) acquire a more strategic nature and a connotation of supra-company organization, allowing the population in one area to access a wider range of services that are more available.

Technology is an essential partner in this process of evolution, as an optimization tool for territorial availability and simplification of bookings and payments: internet, smartphones, totems and automatic checkouts, integration with services outside the healthcare system (e.g. SISAL counters or post offices).

Engineering is the historical partner in one of the most important Italian regional CUP projects, the Lazio Regional Administration's "ReCUP" project, serving over 5 million citizens and with more than 16 millions bookings managed each year. The project, which also includes a call center with 2,500 operators, has interconnected the CUP centers of 22 regional health authorities, a goal achieved thanks to using the AREAS®  platform and Engineering's experience in system integration.

ReCUP has provided for radical innovation in the booking system, from a technological and organizational point of view, standardizing more than twenty systems found and integrating them with new use channels for citizens. Information flows reorganized and integrated in this way have also been the presumption for the redefinition of the complex offer strategy in regional level healthcare services.