FRONTIERCITIES: European Cities driving the Future Internet

FrontierCities is an EU funded project supporting web-developers, SMEs and start-ups to develop smart mobility applications for cities across Europe.

The FIWARE Accelerator Programme (part of the EU Future Internet-Public Private Partnership FI-PPP) offers €80 million euros of direct funding, mentoring, networking and other acceleration services through 16 Future Internet Accelerator projects to promote the use and adoption of FIWARE technologies, and to help entrepreneurs create innovative Internet applications.

Frontiercities is one of the 16 accelerators, and is co-funded by the European Union to support SMEs and Web Entrepreneurs.

Core objectives are to solicit and select high-calibre grant applications from SMEs and web developers through a mix of strategies and market the results to a pan-European audience of cities.

The project’s biggest work focus and resource allocation is on supporting grantee projects to secure market uptake and/or commercialisation of their technology applications and services to both cities and wider private sector uptakers and enablers (corporations, investors).

FrontierCities is made up of seven partners with each bringing experience and expertise in management, technology and business development. The FrontierCities consortium has significant experience across the various stages of the grant cycle. In addition to targeting higher-potential cities w.r.t. smart mobility uptake, it brings together an innovative dual approach of a pan-European focus in parallel with four local geographical focal points in several European countries.

The consortium’s innovation support has the capacity to deliver pan-European reach through the involvement of Europe’s largest innovation and commercialisation support network (EBN Network), combined with a range of local innovation actors and business enablers. A quality technology support dimension is ensured by three organisations previously involved in FI-PPP. Vertical Technology support and Marketing are included to ensure top quality support to grantees and to the market uptake work.