CLIPS: CLoud approach for Innovation in Public Services

How to provide services for Public Administrations through the potential offered by the cloud and the creation of a service eco-system, involving Public Administrations, SMEs and citizens in a cross-border context.

The basic idea behind this project is to provide a framework to a community made up of Public Administrations, SMEs, developers and citizens that allows them to cooperate in designing and developing new cloud based public services.

The definition and implementation of new services follow an approach based on mash-ups, enabling an eco-system of services in which the experiences and results achieved within an individual municipality become assets for others and at the same time stimulate the reuse of the services by configuring them.

The "cross-border" aspect is essential in CLIPS for defining and implementing services that allow for the implementation of scenarios that involve different municipalities in different countries.  The reference topic is the "moving European family" with the related administrative and logistical difficulties encountered when facing a possible transfer from one city to another.

The trial is due to take place in five cities distributed throughout five different countries:

  • Bremerhaven (Germany)
  • Lecce (Italy)
  • Novi Sad (Serbia)
  • Santander (Spain)
  • Stockport (United Kingdom).



In summary, the general objectives of the project are:

  • to introduce  a new approach to the delivery of Public Administration services through cloud computing, with this process involving the whole local community (PPPP: public-private-people-partnership)
  • to analyze the policy and privacy problems with particular reference to cross-border services, including in reference to countries that are not part of the European Union
  • to create  cross-border scenarios that involve 5 pilots in  5 different countries
  • to define a new sustainability model.

The main technological objectives can be summarized as follows:

  • to define a mash-up editor service through which to implement Public Administration services, by means of configuration, through a palette of micro-services (services that carry out simple operations on data)
  • to define and implement  an identity management platform, supported by a system for certifying the integrity of the services released on the CLIPS platform
  • to define  a micro-proxy capable of connecting the internal Public Administration data management systems to the CLIPS cloud platform in a manner that  meets the requirements stipulated by CLIPS (technical and authentication criteria).