Petronas Lubricants

Engineering and Petronas Lubricants: trust renewed over the years

“Engineering has been the ideal partner: a global team for managing a multinational, flexible to our needs. Eight years after the project was approved, the choice of SAP solutions and the partner has been successful all round".

From 2000 to date, IT has carried strategic evolution in business. The partnership with FL Selenia began eight years ago when the company permanently separated from the FIAT Group, further to a leveraged buyout operation, and decided to totally renew its own information system.

"In 2000, after the acquisition of FL Selenia by Doughty Hanson & Co", says Aldino Bellazzini, ex CEO Petronas Lubricants, "and after the need for a thorough review of the company information system emerged, which was technologically inadequate at that time (mainframe), and with dated, inflexible, heterogeneous applications that were not perfectly aligned with the business' strategic evolution. From here came the choice of adopting an integrated, single ERP (SAP) solution for the whole Group for making processes homogeneous and also able to grow with the company".

We therefore looked for a reliable supplier who could satisfy the project's needs and provide outsourcing support, allowing access to constantly updated IT skills and the internal team's focus on the core business. Engineering has proven to be the ideal partner for following us in this adventure", continues Bellazzini, "with a global team that can satisfy the needs of a multinational such as Petronas Lubricants and be sufficiently flexible for adapting to our specific needs. Today, years later, the choice of this solution and partner has proven to be appropriate and successful".

The areas of intervention

The initial multi-year contract included several services:

  • Implementation of SAP FI/COM/MM/SD/PP/QM for Italy
  • Roll-out of SAP on the European production and commercial subsidiaries
  • Application Management SAP
  • Outsourcing of SAP servers
  • Network provisioning.

Thanks to achieving all the goals and the client's consolidated trust in Engineering's capacity and professionalism, the contract was expanded over the years, with more services and implementations, such as:

  • Outsourcing and SAP Application Management of Viscosity Oil
  • SAP Implementation Sales Force Automation in Spain
  • Roll-out of SAP on the subsidiary Sun Oil Company (Belgium).

In June 2006, the contract with FL Selenia was renewed for 5 years, an important, significant renewal due to the completeness of the services offered.

The results obtained

The system went live in Italy on 1st January 2002 and was implemented in the American subsidiary in later months, then the year after in Spain and then progressively in the other countries.

The main advantage is that due to a unique product codification, the performance of each product, channel and country is controlled rapidly, obtaining a full compared view of the Group's progress. This is above all a marketing advantage for a multi-brand company, where marketing plays an essential role.

A solution was also introduced that allows simple fulfillment of tax obligations on lubricating oils. This is a duty that requires a long series of burdensome administrative obligations, which have now been made fully automatic.