ELIOT 3.0 - AREAS blood transfusion systems

For over twenty years, Engineering has been engaged in understanding the needs of Blood Transfusion Medicine operators; a continuous work of alignment that has allowed ELIOT (AREAS® Blood Transfusion System) to become one of the benchmark solutions for the management of blood transfusion centres.

Today the needs and expectations of users are changing profoundly, and in this context, Engineering has completely redesigned the application in terms of technology, features offered and modalities of interaction with users; the result is the most innovative solution in the sector:
ELIOT 3.0.

ELIOT 3.0 is a next-generation solution which develops software for blood transfusion centres at a new level of technology and human-machine interaction. It is a tool that has been designed not only around the user but that dynamically adapts to user needs and to the individual operation.

ELIOT 3.0 assists the user in any activity: it knows preferences and priorities, it foresees needs by anticipating the necessary information and the most appropriate functionalities, it alerts promptly by constantly checking consistency in data and operations.

ELIOT 3.0 develops collaboration among all users, through the sharing of knowledge, activities and advanced communications, increasing synergies within the blood transfusion service and the exchange of information with departments and associations.

ELIOT 3.0 structurally and reliably introduces the technology essential for effective adoption of new business models throughout the area and by those operating within the structure.  A completely web-based architecture, use on all devices (PCs, tablets, smartphones), hardware and software systems for risk management and centralised management of the entire analytical instrumentation of collection and production – these are just some of the major technological innovations for which ELIOT 3.0 was designed and built.

The professionalism of the sector therefore now has an instrument that actively supports each operation and decision, increasing efficiency and safety at every stage of the transfusion process.

Flyer ELIOT 3.0