Smarter cities with the Cloud of Things

How to use cloud computing to connect to the Internet of Things (IoT), using the internet of people, and via the internet of services.

The international project comes with the aim of setting up efficient communication and a collaboration platform, exploiting all the possible information sources, so that cities are smarter and can face emerging challenges, such as the efficient management of energy, economic growth and development.

The ClouT project will provide infrastructures, services, tools and applications that will be used by various stakeholders, including the four city councils that are taking part in the project (Genoa and Santander for Europe, Fujisawa and Mitaka for Japan), citizens, service developers and application integrators. It will then be possible to create, develop and manage applications with the final user at the center, and thus benefit from the most recent progress in the IoT environment and cloud computing.

Through its user-centric approach, the ClouT project will offer citizens the possibility of increasing their own role and influence in city life, creating their own cloud services and sharing them with other final users.

ClouT will basically produce the following results:

  • an infrastructure for Smart Cities with the
  • almost infinite possibility of calculation and the capacity to store trillions of data (coming from devices and people inside the city) that will be integrated with the Cloud by virtual services that guarantee interoperability
  • a set of instruments and services at platform level, with the aim of aiding IoT type application development, start up in the field and management.
  • secure access mechanisms and processing of "big data" acquired from heterogeneous sources almost in real time
  • innovative applications and field tests in the project's pilot cities.

ClouT will reduce costs and the time required to develop and set up new applications through public-private partnerships inspired by Cloud models and that support win-win strategies for all the stakeholders involved.

Last but not least, one important goal for the ClouT project is to combine forces and create long-lasting synergy for initiatives in Smart Cities mode between Europe and Japan.