CHEST: Collective enHanced Environment for Social Tasks

This project is proposed as a point of reference in Europe for the interaction between social innovation initiatives through the Open Call and Seed Funding tools.

Engineering is the Partner and Project Coordinator of the CHEST project, the aim of which is to trigger and incentivize interaction between organizations, companies and individuals active in the world of Social Innovation.

By adopting the Open Call tool, the project's mission is to finance projects within the so-called "Digital Social Innovation" field that stand out in terms of their originality, effectiveness, sustainability and other requirements. Innovative ideas will also be rewarded, and any innovators can submit projects to a web platform created for this purpose.

The budget the project has allocated for the Open Calls is around two and a half million Euro.

The project proposals and ideas will be assessed by a panel of experts appointed in accordance with the rules laid down by the European Commission, but the evaluation process will also use "crowd" methods, thanks to which a diverse community of "social innovators" can express themselves and contribute to the final selection of the ideas and projects to be awarded.