SISP: The Auditors' Court information system

A more efficient administrative and accounting justice: the SISP manages the entire judicial workflow of the Auditors Court at first and second level, including any connections with appeals to the Court of Cassation and publication on the court's website.

The Information System of the Jurisdictional Sections and the Regional Public Prosecutor's Offices (SISP), created by Engineering for the Auditors' Court, allows computerized management of accounts or liability rulings, judgments on pension matters and one sided appeals on taxation matters.

The system supports all the secretarial work in the courts, from the start of a report to the management of the investigation and hearings, to the creation of a ruling and issuing of a first or second degree sentence. The sentences (about 115,000), the decisions (more than 260,000) and the writs of summons are published in a document consultation system based on a semantic search engine for tests, which can be consulted by the Auditors' Court's website.

The system is set to integrate with the online process; the remote exchange of certified messages and the coordination of the events and monitoring (automatic management of workflow) are already carried out by SISP.

The SISP users (about 3,000) have totally abandoned using paper supports. The system, managing the entire workflow in the jurisdictional area, allows all the information to be recorded in a single relevant compartment, avoiding duplications and dispersion of data. The possibility of analyzing information via a datamart allows Administration to address their resources on sectors that most need support. The datamart is used also for drawing up the reports for Parliament and for the inauguration of the Judicial Year.