An "Astuto" system for the protection of forests

The project combines Engineering's system integrator experience with business intelligence, GIS, content management and document management technologies, for the protection of the Sicilian forests.

“Astuto” is the emergency procedures management system at the Sicilian Regional Forestry Corps' Operation Center. The system, which has been realized by Engineering together with other partners, manages events (fires, natural disasters, illegal events, ...) involving the resources located and spread throughout the region (staff, teams, defenses, land and air vehicles, ...) in real time.

Thanks to this joint view , the system can allow the most suitable resources (from the more than 450 fire-fighting vehicles) to be identified, also from surrounding areas, that can be rapidly sent to the site of the emergency, thus reducing reaction times and limiting the environmental and economic impact of the event. Full integration with the Forestry Information System (SIF) allows the Forestry Corps to check implementation of the Sicilian Regional Administration's Plan Forest Fire-Fighting Plan, and analyze the cost of extinguishing the fire and the environmental damage to the territory following the fires. 

Astuto's interface is integrated with the VoIP phone system, which has also been realized as part of the project, in order to allow full management of emergency calls placed to 1515, from directing calls to the correct center to recording calls. The system's integration also means that the requests for air intervention can be managed and TERNA can be contacted to interrupt power to high voltage electrical lines during natural disasters such as fires.

Astuto is also predictive. Thanks to the business intelligence component and integration with the Region's databases and metrological data, it is also possible to view fire risk forecast maps through the system, thereby "astutely" allowing the operations room to be able to deploy their resources over the area, based on current risk and the most vulnerable areas due to their environmental value or human presence.