For over twenty years, Engineering has been engaged in meeting the needs of Pathological Anatomy laboratories. This continuous alignment has allowed WINSAP to become one of the sector benchmark solutions, which has now progressed to a higher technological and functional level.

Backed up by many years of competence in the sector and its technological assets, Engineering has completely redesigned WINSAP, thus offering users a new system for efficient and safe management of Pathological Anatomy laboratory activities.

WINSAP 3.0 is a next-generation solution that develops software for Pathological Anatomy laboratories at a new level of technology and human-machine interaction. It is a tool that has been designed not only around the user but that dynamically adapts to user needs and to the individual operation.

The solution supports the user in all work activities, adapting to their specific needs and preferences through customisation of the graphical interfaces that are automatically configured on the basis of the associated user profile.

WINSAP 3.0 manages all the operational and administrative activities of the Pathological Anatomy laboratory with maximum security and efficiency, from correct patient and sample identification, through guided and timely management of all the specific processing phases for the type of examination under way, up to report preparation through diagnostic support systems made available to the medical pathologist.

WINSAP 3.0 structurally and reliably introduces the technology essential for effective adoption of new organisational models throughout the territory and of those operational within the structure. The completely web-based architecture, hardware and software systems for risk management and centralised management of the entire analytical instrumentation are just some of the leading technological innovations on the basis of which WINSAP 3.0 was designed and built.