INAIL's Web 2.0 portal for Safety in the Workplace

A virtual place of full, dynamic, integrated collaboration, where workers, healthcare workers, employers and institutions can quickly find useful information and dedicated services on safety matters.

From the moment it went online, the new INAIL portal dedicated to prevention in the workplace has enjoyed considerable appreciation by specialized workers, but also from a large audience of users who were previously not very interesting in communication with the institute.

In observance of the concept of a website entirely dedicated to prevention matters, where the institute could pursue its goals of training, information, assistance and consultancy, the suitable modes, services and contents are analyzed and implemented for the best user experience:

  • new thematic areas (communication, communities, multimedia etc.).
  • transverse navigation between the various areas
  • innovative tools (webinars, wiki, forums, contact the expert, newsletters, etc.)
  • correlated information in relation to each element
  • customizable user area.

A successful INAIL project developed by Engineering, which sees its capacity to analyze, design and realize solutions that are actually built around the user's information needs as one of its elements of excellence.

This thanks to the consolidated methods and specific competences for each project phase, from mapping pre-existing content to the various users' needs/logic, from studying the navigation modes to usability tests, from implementation of innovative communication tools to the definition of a visual identity for immediate recognizability.