FINODEX: Future Internet Open Data Expansion

Finodex accelerator selects, funds and provides support to projects from SMEs & Web Entrepreneurs building upon the FIWARE technology and reusing Open Data.

The FIWARE Accelerator Programme (part of the EU Future Internet-Public Private Partnership FI-PPP) offers €80 million euros of direct funding, mentoring, networking and other acceleration services through 16 Future Internet Accelerator projects to promote the use and adoption of FIWARE technologies and to help entrepreneurs create innovative Internet applications.

Finodex is one of the 16 accelerators, is co-funded by the European Union to support SMEs and Web Entrepreneurs to develop products, services building upon FIWARE technologies and using Open Data. SME or Web Entrepreneur looking for developing an application, a product or service based on open data and making use of FIWARE technologies are offered by Finodex the opportunity to receive funding and support services to develop their innovation projects.

Finodex will launch 2 open calls, select and support up to 100 SMEs and web entrepreneurs with innovation grants. The first open call has been launched on 7 October 2014 and the second call will be in Spring 2015. For more information on the calls, conditions and evaluation process visit the Finodex website.

Projects selected through these open calls will receive, in addition to funding a set of support services allowing them to develop viable products and give them the necessary skills connections to become sustainable after their support phase. Finodex will focus on the most promising sectors that could benefit from the combination of FI-PPP technologies with open data: health, transport, environment and finance. Leaving room for any proposal including and open topic called the bottom-up approach.