Engineering for the technological "heart" of the National Health Service

Engineering has worked with the Ministry of Health in the most important projects for improving efficiency and development in the National Health Service, that see technology as the key element to success.

The main competences regarding the functioning of the public health services, together with coverage of all the technological areas, has made the Engineering Group the reference technological partner for managing the technological infrastructure of the Ministry's New Health Information System (NSIS).

Engineering has been involved in several projects, from the government infrastructural systems to innovative services for citizens. Activities where the Group does not only have the role of IT systems implementer but is also an essential reference in the analysis and design phases.

One of the most recent projects is the realization of the ministry's new institutional website, of which Engineering took care of the technological aspects, the information structure, and the editing-management models, the usability study and web identity.

Engineering also realizes innovative APPs for the ministry for citizens' information services, providing access to information and services from tablets and smartphones.

For National Health Service governance activities, the Group has designed some of the key NSIS systems, such as the Data Bank of Medical Devices or the infrastructure for managing Information Flows coming from the Regions.

Engineering also aids the Ministry of Health in the realm of solutions for human capital development, via the platform of Distance Learning, and in the technological support for work groups based on sharing and collaboration tools.