The administration platforms of MEF and Court of Auditors personnel

The Information Systems for the administration of personnel used at the Ministry of the Economy and Finance and the one at the Court of Auditors allow for integrated, full management of all aspects linked to the management of the body's personnel.

The MEF SIAP has been operational since 2002, a technological solution from which the Court of Auditor's system was realized and started up in "reuse" in 2005.

The SIAP-MEF and SIAP-CDC are true platforms for managing employed personnel in all aspects: organizational, administrative and economic, in full observance and alignment with the current legislation.

It is therefore a solution that embraces the entire working cycle of an employee within the body, with a view to a full, integrated management:

Management of the body's organizational structure: organizational units, locations and hierarchy, management of balance capital and centers of cost.

Data management: registration and severance of the person with special treatments depending on the type of personnel (employees, executive managers, judges, ...), management of personal data and logistic data, allocation to organizational units.

Handling of personnel: management of moving personnel within the body or to/from external bodies (transfers, commands, on secondment, detachments).

Management of human resources: training, curriculum data, qualifications.

Handling of national and overseas missions: budget, awarding and authorization of missions, requests for advance payments, management of tour operator bookings, payment of the mission.

Administrative-legal management: all the other processes involving working life of personnel (changes to legal and economic level, handling of appointments and communication to the Public Administration, calculation of seniority of working service, ...).