Civil Invalidity Procedure System

Project for the development and maintenance of the IT system for the acknowledgement, issue and subsequent verification of the existence of requisites for Civil Invalidity pensions.

Engineering was mainly in charge of managing the healthcare and administrative investigation, handling and electronically storage of files, the production and sending of communications to citizens and statistical monitoring.

Engineering has supported the institute in realizing and managing application components since 2008, which are now a part of the Civil Invalidity Information System.

The relevant aspects with which the system was realized can be summarized as:

  • integration with the acquisition phase and online management of introductory certificate and application
  • integrated management of the visits carried out at the local health authorities (ASL) with production of electronic healthcare report
  • management of INPS doctor verification process
  • integration with management process of the authorization and investigation phase of payments of services
  • consultation of the status of the preliminary investigation of applications for citizens, INPS offices, local health authorities, charitable institutions and category associations.
  • realization of application cooperation services between the central Civil Invalidity system and the various information systems used at the local health authorities
  • management of extraordinary verification procedures for those receiving service
  • integration with statistical monitoring procedures.

The system is working and is currently used by all the subjects involved in managing the Civil Invalidity process: local health authorities, citizens, category associations, certifying doctors, authorizing bodies, employment centers, and offices.