Enforced collection service for Catania City Council: higher efficiency for the Administration and citizens

Greater autonomy for city councils with recent legislative amendments regarding tax collection for local bodies.

A vanguard to this approach, Catania City Council entrusted Engineering Tributi (the Group's company specialized in offering software solutions and services for local taxation) with the service of enforced collection of taxes, other incoming payments and services to support collection. 

The new service is characterized by a new approach between council and taxpayer, aimed at combining the due payment with the citizen's actual possibilities; it also makes new tools and technologies available for making the service more efficient for citizens and the council. In addition to the call center and counter services, the citizens now also have information services or electronic payment (progressively being activated) that can be accessed from home or on mobile devices.

The "technological heart" of the service is based on a new IT system realized by Engineering, which allows integrated, full management of the whole procedure of enforced collection, allowing operators and citizens to know of all information aspects and to manage operations in an agile manner. The system also allows the council to monitor the state of the service and collections, via specific tools and reports.

Engineering also supports Catania City Council in its ordinary taxation collection, via a technical IT service that ensures the correctness of the documents prepared for tax payments, with a consequent increase in the percentage of payers and a reduction of enforced collection.

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