WMS Builder: a solution for logistics integration and warehouse management

Planned and realized for several logistic realities, including factory warehouses, distribution platforms and depots, it addresses the needs of several product sectors in the manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, consumer goods and pharmaceutical markets.

WMS Builder is built on an integration framework that is structured on three different levels:

  • it integrates the warehouse into Supply Chain Execution
  • it integrates warehouse processes, flows and operations
  • it integrates warehouse technologies and devices (WiFi, automatic warehouses, RFID, voices, browsers, GPS).

Based on the Microsoft.Net platform, the architecture guarantees excellent reliability and high performance in the solution, with real time responses. It is provided in the context of a start-up project that starts from the AS-IS analysis, passes through all the configuration, installation, training and go-live phases, and follows on with management of application management services for efficient, reliable post-startup support.

The solution can be used on single sites and on entire integrated distribution networks and from an architectural point of view, it works with local servers or via the Cloud platform. The WMS Builder architecture foresees that the warehouse may be managed in aaS mode. By providing the warehouse management service through the cloud, it is possible to make use of certain advantages such as savings on the local infrastructures and speed of start-up of production.

The service can be provided via the platform CLOE (Cloud Computing By Engineering). This combines Engineering's experience with applications and processes with their architecture and technology and is housed at the Pont-Saint-Martin Data Center, the jewel in the crown of Engineering's solutions for Virtual Farms.

The WMS Builder solution is a milestone in a long experience of realizing various projects in the industrial/logistics/distribution field in the various market sectors, which range from automotive, companies in the CPG market, and also the aerospace and pharmaceutical sectors.

The product is the natural evolution of Engineering solutions for industry and has inherited the best practices:

  • identification and automatic labeling systems for pallets on packaging lines
  • internal and procedures tracing and tracking management systems for food companies
  • full warehouse management systems
  • integrated systems for managing entire distribution networks.