Interpreting change is the IT challenge in the Telco market

Customer orientation and international vocation make Engineering a complete, reliable IT partner for Telecommunications operators.

The dynamics of the Telecommunications market make operators face continuous challenges in terms of maintaining ARPU (Average Revenue Per Unit), IT cost control and regulatory adaptations. The evolution of the offer and the updating of infrastructures according to parameters of innovation, efficiency and profitability within this scenario, are crucial factors of competitiveness.

Engineering has been a reference partner for over 30 years in the Telco market, thanks to its consolidated assets of business and technology competences. It is a member of the TM Forum, a non-profit international organization for the definition of common processes and best practices in the Telecommunications market. It has worked on the start-up of the main operators in Italy and overseas, supporting their competitive position over the years.

A full  offer: system integration E2E services, managed operations, “core” and “enterprise” process management solutions; Engineering uses an approach that directs the entire life cycle of change programs in the design, development, testing and operations phases.

The solutions cover typical sector areas, such as BSS, OSS, VAS for wireless services, wireline and broadband, and support company areas. A solid network of technological alliances and partnerships makes the offer able to address the varying customer needs.

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