A complex scenario in Italy

In a market comprising difficult challenges and changes, Engineering offers innovative, integrated services that combine competences from the healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical device company world.

The Italian Life Science sector is deeply involved in thorough changes: revisions of welfare policies, regionalization of healthcare, an increase in generic drugs, a reduction in sales forces (ISF), outsourcing of research and production and constant pressure for maximum efficiency create complex scenarios and an increase in competitive pressure.

Preserving competitiveness and market shares is increasingly the result of an equation that has to combine innovation and technology with entrepreneurial and managerial capacities.

Engineering joins together innovation and competence in the Healthcare world (Industry and Healthcare facilities) and transforms them into a specialized portfolio of service and application for Pharma and Medical Device companies.

From Social Media Marketing to Market Access paths, Manufacturing Intelligence and optimization of the use of energy, Engineering works with Life Science companies in the development and innovation process.

Services and applications that pursue operational and commercial efficiency together with innovative elements: a qualified Data Center for the reduction of IT operations costs, mobile applications for increasing Sales Force Effectiveness as far as "as a service" model infrastructures, for the transmission of pharmaceutical data (drug traceability and electronic bills).