Fashion and luxury in the era of technology, including big data and shopping experiences

Omni-channel Internet and customer engagement are transforming the strategies of big brands in the Fashion & Luxury market, who are already busy managing boutiques and stores around the world.

Globalization, E-commerce, Big Data, Customer Engagement

Four phenomena will be a part of the Fashion and Luxury world in the next few years, four challenges that force companies to call upon new professional figures and impact key business processes.
The growth of sales in emerging countries and on line, competition based on constant data analysis (prices, flows, collections, engagement...) and the need to offer a satisfying buying experience through all channels will oblige the players in the sector to address explosive implications for company processes and structures.
In addition to these new complexities, there will also be the difficulty in maintaining corresponding traditional company systems, without losing attention and reliability.


Customer Experience & Store Innovation

With myclienteling, Engineering offers a set of services for store managers and sales assistants, to improve customer relations by analyzing purchasing behavior and providing a set of tools for communicating with them over several channels. Thanks to internal skills and partner networks, the group can offer a set of marketing automation and store innovation solutions.


The ERP that Fashion & Luxury companies need today must natively support all types of business or sales channels, enable growth in international markets and be open to communicate rapidly with contract suppliers, distributors and retail chains.

Process consultancy and enterprise engineering.

Process engineering in Fashion & Luxury is a particularly relevant area, given the large number of subjects working on the same activity and the variety of premises, stores and warehouses that need to be supplied with products and materials. Engineering can provide an important contribution to process revision in all stages of the value chain: from product development to planning, from production to distribution.

Supply Chain Management

Improve the service to worldwide customers and streamline processes by managing third parties, often craftsmen, are the real challenges for the companies involved in production and distribution in this market. Engineering has identified in sedApta solutions, specific to Fashion & Luxury, the best answer to planning issues.

Workplace Management

Fashion and luxury now mean increasing investments in innovative stores, where technology is at the centre of business strategy and work of an increasing number of “always-on” collaborators. Engineering supports this strategy with its End User Services, with which the client can create new, more flexible, integrated service models for ICT support for stores.

Managed & Cloud Services

The ICT infrastructures play an essential role in guaranteeing speed, flexibility and new business models. With its own Managed Operations department, Engineering aids ICT evolution in fashion companies, providing Managed Hosting services and a modern, scalable, Private Cloud platform, with top level security standards.

Eng4Fashion: Engineering’s offer for Fashion & Luxury

Maurizio Pecori, Sales Director  for Industry

Maurizio Pecori, Sales Director for Industry

Eng4Fashion sprung from the solid roots of the Engineering Group, a team specialized in processes, applications and technologies, strengthened by strategic partnerships with companies that can provide solutions and skills that are recognized by the fashion and luxury market and by an important investment program.

The professional skills that Engineering can provide involve many areas and needs for technological innovation that will be so vital in the next few years:

- Assisted sales and Clienteling, online customer engagement online and store innovation solutions
- E-commerce and CRM
- PLM for the development of collections with preliminary trend analysis tools
- Merchandising and Planning of assortments for direct points of sale
- Planning and control of production process
- Quality and traceability control
- Anti-counterfeiting.