The perspectives between increase in competitiveness and market globality

The challenges in the aerospace sector: a global, competitive market that requires timing, speed and agility.

Interoperability, the ability to manage complex information in a short space of time, knowing how to address the challenges of globalization and availability of resources on a geographical scale: aspects that allow the companies to recover productivity margins and place themselves as sector leaders.

Engineering offers a wide range of sector solutions and services to help companies react to market changes and collaborates with the main air transport and aerospace players, providing excellence in managed operations, system integration, CRM, design and implementation of automated warehouse services.

In the motoring field, maintenance work and identifying faults have become much more complex than in the past and consequently the associated costs are much higher. Engineering has developed a solution to monitor the state of health of an engine and its performance, a solution that allows maintenance costs to be reduced to a minimum and to maximize operational interpretations of turbine engines.

Customer service

Customer service problems are essential for the success of any commercial activity, but become crucial in the realm of the aerospace industry and defense. Engineering's Customer Service (SCE) makes it easier to organize and control all the operational processes and procedures regarding technical and engineering problems. Engineering is the perfect choice for a military aerospace industry that wishes to share and control technical information, maintaining the higher data security standards.