comunicato | Rome, 23 March 2017

Engineering acquires Fair Dynamics Consulting

Engineering has acquired Fair Dynamics Consulting, a consulting company that operates in Italy, Europe and the United States.

The Milan-based company is made up of complexity experts: consultants with experience in the management and academic fields and young engineers, all with specific expertise for supporting and facilitating the process of digital market transformation.

The young and dynamic company, which uses methods and practices that are distinctive and perhaps unique in Italy, adopts a systemic approach through the combination of data analysis techniques with modeling and dynamic simulation methods.

The solutions proposed by Fair Dynamics Consulting support strategic decision-making processes at different levels (corporate, business and functional) and concern resource planning and allocation, production and distribution planning, design of the supply chain model and support for pharmaceutical research through in-silico clinical trials. Each solution is customized and released in a simulation environment of strategic and operational scenarios and what-if analysis, often accompanied by managerial and operational advice to facilitate the interpretation of results and the use of instruments over time.

"With this acquisition, Engineering enriches the consultancy offer in Information Technology," said Alfredo Belsito, Central Director of the Industry, Infrastructure & Services Division, "and strengthens the ability to offer clients a set of solutions which, in addition to the more typical specifications of its historic mission, are geared to assisting customers in managing complexity in the era of digital transformation."