comunicato | Rome, 13 April 2017

Engineering's Data Center in Vicenza awarded Tier IV Certification by Uptime Institute

The Vicenza Data Center has been awarded the Uptime Institute's highest level of certification, moving up from TIER III to TIER IV level, both for the initial phase of design and for the final phase of implementation, on-site post-verification.

TIER IV is the highest level of guarantee that a data center can offer, with an availability of 99.99%. The Data Center is completely redundant at the level of electrical circuits, cooling and networks. This architecture enables the detection and isolation of any damage to structure systems, while supporting and maintaining all IT loads and critical business systems of clients hosted in the structure active. These architectures permit both coping with serious technical incidents, but also performing ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities, without interrupting the availability of the services provided and thus preserving the security of managed data.

The Vicenza center is part of an integrated network of 4 Data Centers that makes Engineering a key player in outsourcing and cloud computing. Located in Pont-Saint-Martin (Aosta), Turin, Milan and Vicenza, they feature a system of services and an infrastructure that guarantee the highest technological, quality and security standards. 330 customers, 4 petabytes of storage managed, 6,000 square meters of surface area, 3 different hybrid cloud offers and 2 million tickets handled – these are just some of the figures that characterize this completely Italian center.

All data centers are fiber-interconnected and thanks to the latest technologies they are able to guarantee Business Continuity solutions between Pont-Saint-Martin and Turin and also of the Tri Data Center – the combination of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery with Vicenza or Milan. Completing the offer is a range of management and transformation services in the Cloud, System Engineering, Performance Management, SAP/HANA, Networking and 24-Hour Monitoring fields.

“We really wanted to obtain this prestigious certification,” said Francesco Bonfiglio, CEO of, the Group company that handles Managed Operations, “insofar as it is part of our corporate mission to provide the highest levels of reliability and guarantee of continuity of service to our clients. TIER IV is the highest standard that can be achieved and a decisive element of selection for meeting the requisites of the most important invitations to tender. TIER IV certification is part of the transformation of and, more generally, of the traditional concept of Data Center, in the new model of Digital Services Platform."