comunicato | Rome, 20 July 2017

Partnership launched between Abbanoa and Engineering for Sardinian Water Resources Information System

Abbanoa S.p.A., sole operator for the Sardinia Region's integrated water service, has commissioned Engineering, leader in digital transformation, with the a project to complete the Sardinian Water Resources Information System (SIRIS).

The project is part of the overall development program of application systems currently in use at Abbanoa for Engineering products.

It is divided into the three main areas of intervention: active cycle, passive cycle/accounting and production cycle. For the first two areas, the project calls for implementation of Engineering's Net@ solutions (Net@H2O for the active cycle and Net@SIAL for the passive cycle/accounting); for production cycle processes, the project calls for implementation of the Engineering solution based on the Geocall Work Force Management (WFM) platform, with the management of intervention on meters and plant maintenance activities.

This platform, which enables full support of the organisational, operational and monitoring phases of field activities, has been active in Abbanoa for almost two years with a positive impact on activities.

The application solution is designed according to an ERP system capable of integrating all of Abbanoa's main processes. The system has been designed both for managing operational activity and for further development in terms of future needs.

In addition, through use of the Net@ platform, the capabilities of the Abbanoa institutional portal will be expanded, enabling better interaction with users, who will be able to handle some procedures directly via the web without having to go to the counter.

Sandro Murtas, General Manager of Abbanoa, said: “We [Abbanoa] have adopted the balanced scorecard methodology which allows us to operate through processes and through projects” in a logic of constant improvement. Engineering's technological will take us from the Industry 4.0 vision to that of Work 4.0, with full appreciation of our human capital.”

Vincenzo Tartuferi, General Manager of Telco and Utilities at Engineering, said: “For Engineering, Abbanoa is a strategic customer with a clear and shared vision of what to do to bring innovation and automation, and thus excellence, to this market.”

Abbanoa, the operator for Sardinia's integrated water service with a turnover of 396 million euros (2016), is Sardinia's first public enterprise and committed to a technological leap into innovation and improvement of the efficiency of plants and networks, it is a service with a strong industrial profile. Through 12,000 kilometers of water and sewage networks, over 40 potable water purifiers and 350 water purifiers distribute potable water to 342 partner municipalities and treat drains to leave them clean in the environment, preserve the beauty of the island and protect beaches.